Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Studio Reorganization

So save a little painting and venting- my post flood alterations are done! i wish i could say the same about the claim with my insurance, but we wont go there now.  instead, i am writing this for the other studio junkies who are always looking or another way to fit more in while still being able to find where everything is.  a friend passed this on to me- 

its an article from the Huffington post of different artist studios.  Fun to see other studios!!  
and i'm a little embarrassed to admit that i am an organization freak,and my studio starts out like one of the super organized one- and a couple months later looks like a chaotic one that is completely a mess!
 but at least when you start with an an organization system, everything does have a home to go back to, when i allot the time to do that .  
anyhow- here are some things i've learned in setting up what  i think  may be my 8th studio if you go waaay back!  
so heres what i have found works best for me: 

This is more for those mixed media folk. i am envious of watercolor or oil painters, who have one medium and type of support, it would be easier to organize that space. but  alas, my art ADHD (i've just invented an new diagnosis) requires i have at least 4 different process available to me at any given in time.  it makes things infinity easier if most of what you need is with a step or 2.  My friend and studio neighbor Anne VonEhr.com came in and put on  her interior decorator hat, and helped me sot out  how to reconfigure my mess of a studio.  sometimes its good to get an objective view!! 

so now i have an encaustic area, that is U shaped and is all covered with cheap ceramic tiles from menards siliconed onto tables, or in the case on the right- a wooden door, supports by wire racks that hold supplies.i like having different levels of work space- one for standing one or sitting, and a place to stack the less frequently used stuff.  the spaces under each table are stock full of storage, except where my chair or feet pull in.  note the new fan- set into a piece of Plexiglas so i don't lose my window view of the river! I love to watch for those diving cormorants…

Inline image 1
Right next to the encaustic area is another U shaped area for painting.  the encaustic table on the right can be cleared off to use for painting if need be-.  the shelves against the wall now hold all paint related supplies! hurray. the easel can move (soon to be on wheels), and and my painting cart and water are to my right, since i am right handed. lesser used materials are int the drawers behind the cart.  

Inline image 2

As many things as i can- i have on locking wheels.  that way readjusting your studio for a class, open studio, or different process doesn't not require bribing a crop of burly young men (altho that has its upsides, too :).  i have no sink in my room and have to access water down the hall. i got tired of carry 5 gallon buckets, so have a water cart now. My paint cart can be wheeled over to the collage or sculpture table, or to large piece that has to worked on horizontally. It leaves all my options open. 

Inline image 1       Inline image 2   

lastly- my collections. ugh. thats a hard one. i have everything from snake skin to antique maps. Trying to put that in some semblance of order so you can find what you need later- or be able to peruse through it is challenging.   since the flooding- i am investing in clear plastic boxes. but first- I tore everything out (it was out anyhow) and instead of organizing it by where i found it ( Puerto Vallarta rocks, Arizona sand, etc) i still have that information with it- but assembled them in broader categories. for example- sea related things on one shelf- critters(crabs, fish seahorse) whelks(love that type of shell) algae/seaweed- you get the idea.  

Inline image 1 
then put them in appropriate containers.  

Inline image 2

so the back of cabinets has turned into a collage area- at least for now. again- i like to have an upper level of workshop ace for easy to reach tools no matter who big the space, i inevitably end up with a little 12x12 square to work with. having the tools off the surface helps me.  here- i hung cheap ikea containers on flexible closet shelving form the home depot.  working great so far!!  and this area is till evolving, so i can add or raise and lower shelves, depending on my needs.  

well- wood shop and back room still to be dealt with - but feels much better now! FINALLY can go and play!!! hope you can too. I love to see studios- send or post me yours!  

Inline image 3
Cheryl Holz