Friday, February 21, 2014

Great Paint and Mixed Media Resource

Acrylic Inks and Pigment on acetate 

I just received my digital edition of Golden Paint's "Just paint."  If you are not familiar with Golden paint and you are an artist- you should be! They are an awesome company that not only makes quality art products- but has excellent customer service as well.  They are always coming up with something new, and after reading this issue's article about using Golden High Flow Acrylics in refillable markers, daubers, or mops- I am gonna need to get me some!! You can create your own dauber or mop and fill it with the high flow acrylic, thin it for more transparency, and use it to write, splatter or spray on.  Or put it in a refillable marker and write tiny little text….Being a mixed media gal- I love the versatility of it! and of course, coming from Golden- its thoroughly tested and archival.  I just wish they would've given specific brands of the ones they tested out..
check out the latest "Just Paint"  issue here:

The best thing about Golden Paint is their technical support line.  I haven't been able to stump them yet, and I combine some strange materials... Not everyone can tell you what is the best way to seal and coat prairie grasses!  And when they couldn't answer sculpture questions- they referred me to the Compleat Sculptor in NYC ( who were able to figure out my dilemma. So they were truly trying to give me technical support- not just sell more of their product.

So add this to your resources.  They are programmed into my phone!
U.S. & Canada / 888-397-2468
Mon -Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm est 

(and no, I don't work for Golden- I am just a fan!)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The downside of our 45° heat wave...

So as all of our snow that has been accumulating all winter began to melt during our 45 degree heat wave, we had some leaking and electrical issues in the back room at the studio yesterday.   Although i was none too happy about the break in work time, it forced me do some cleaning and organizing ( i will put that off as long as humanly possible).  The upside is that today I'm looking at some of the old "abandoned" pieces from the back room in a new way now. ..and I think this piece needs to be revisited- and that it might be the perfect home for this piece of Buckthorn.... Better here than invading my friends property and crowding out the indigenous trees! Can see some Thoreau quotes silk screened over the top, perhaps some pine needles or leaves...  Now- how to attach it...hmmm. Will tackle that engineering question later....after i get more buckets out!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Welcome to the Studio!

I have been asked repeatedly if i blog, wheres my blog, put it in my blog…blog, blog, blog!
So after years of putting it off- I am finally kicking it off! but where to start?  well- where most art things do- in my messy studio on the river…
welcome! take a look around…

here's the "long view..."

the hanging wall...

the collections shelf...

my view of the fox river 

the wood shop

and my security guard….asleep on the job as usual…!