Girls Night Out: Batik Valentines Workshop

Join me for a fun night of artful experimentation, no previous art experience necessary!  We’ll start off the evening with wine and appetizers while watching a demonstration on the batik process using beeswax, papers, inks and pastels.  Then dive in and create your own keepsake valentines.  Everything included: papers, tools, inks, pastels, cards, envelopes- and food and beverage! Read below to find out more and sign up. Space is limited, so grab a girlfriend and join me at the studio for a different kind of night out!

Batik was traditionally an Indonesian method of hand printing textiles by using wax as a dye repellant on fabric. In a contemporary take on this, we will be applying the same principles on paper to create Valentines!

Don't be intimidated by the description- this class is geared towards those with little to no art background.  The process will be broken down, and you will be guided through the individual steps with a demonstration and individual coaching, if needed. We will be  drawing hearts or writing with wax using a tjanting tool or brush, then spritzing or brushing ink on papers. Then finish up the design using either more ink or pastel, and iron out the wax.  You can layer and collage them together, or leave as is. We will be creating matching envelopes for at least 5 of your creations.

All materials included, including the list of materials below. You are welcome to bring your own material to make then more personalized, if you so wish, but that it is totally optional.  Think of using copies of old love letters, pages of a book of love poetry, or your favorite quote!  Thinner papers work best.

Included materials and tools:
Various types of Decorative and rice papers
Pages of text
5 Backing cards and envelopes (although you will probably make more than 5!)
spray bottles
pan pastels
chalk pastels
blending sponges
parchment paper
wax paper
heat resistant gloves
tjanting tools (to apply wax)
irons and tacking irons

White wine, red wine, water, and appetizers will be available throughout the night. IF you have special requirements, feel free to BYO food or drink.

WHAT: Girls Night Out: Batik Valentines
WHERE: Aurora Art Studios, #201
                 50 E. Galena, Aurora, IL 60505
COST: $55 includes all materials and refreshments. (paypal will ask you for your zipped to calculate shipping- but you will NOT be charged any shipping).


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