Monday, July 28, 2014

"What can I set on fire today?" or- further explorations into encaustic mixed media….

Today I just had to try some new experiments out of “Encaustic Mixed Media” by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch.  She feels like a kindred spirit- willing to try any new medium or material!

So who knew? Spread directly on wood panel, then set it on fire even before it dries.  The wood portions that aren’t covered turn a lovely burnt sienna/umber color… Fun! But stinky. I probably went a little too thick; cause still wasn’t completely dry when I left 5 hours later…. will have to wait to continue that one…but have some lovely organic shapes and tones to work with….

This makes me very happy! I love inks, and of course have a gazillion acrylic inks- but as far as I understand it, I can’t use them with wax.  BUT apparently alcohol inks are kosher. So- I googled what brands are alcohol based, and lo and behold, after digging in the back room, I unearthed some jacquard piñata paints. I used them for painting ornaments- who knew they come in handy this way? See- I can rationalize buying and keeping forever any art supply purchase…so here’s how I played with them…

Poured and splattered first on clapboard

Then covered everything with amber shellac.

And –yes, you guessed it- set it on fire! 
You get this lovely bubbled and speckled surface.
detail shows you a bit better….

This isn’t, of course, done- but allows so many lovely entry points to continue working ….

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