Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Gifts: Ryan's Bimmer

So I have to say that I have never ever thought about making a piece of art about a car- they do not inspire me, except for the freedom they give me to get from point A to B. But my nephew feels very strongly about his BMW, and when he asked me to make a piece for him about it- I just couldn't picture it. But I wanted to thank him for his help with grandpa- and make him smile, so after letting it simmer in my subconscious for few months,  I came up with a way of working it into a piece for him. 

The three colors are the BMW series colors (I'm not sure thats accurate term), and I found a blueprint diagram of his car (that appealed to me) to include. I DID have fun using a torch on  those three colors as they approached the bottom of the piece.  More fun with fire! Made Ryan happy too. 

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