Thursday, March 31, 2016

Preparing for a Resdiency

 I love residencies! It's my favorite way to make art. You put your life on hold, and then you just make art, because you have met all your deadlines and expectations and everything else you have to do is taken care of for the next couple weeks. I have done eight? I think residencies in the past, this one isn't at an accredited artist retreat, but we are treating it the same, so the preparation is the same. I vacillate between being so excited and overly stimulated and all the possibilities-and then overwhelmed at how to put a 1200 foot studio into a Toyota forerunner. Although it is a times like these that I do envy colored pencil  or watercolor artists who just have  to pack one medium and some supports.  But going through my flea market ephemera, my papers, pressed botanical and stocking up I knew inks spray paints and papers is very motivating for me. Now-just to see if it'll all fit in the truck. 

it fit! time to hit the road....

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