Thursday, February 20, 2014

The downside of our 45° heat wave...

So as all of our snow that has been accumulating all winter began to melt during our 45 degree heat wave, we had some leaking and electrical issues in the back room at the studio yesterday.   Although i was none too happy about the break in work time, it forced me do some cleaning and organizing ( i will put that off as long as humanly possible).  The upside is that today I'm looking at some of the old "abandoned" pieces from the back room in a new way now. ..and I think this piece needs to be revisited- and that it might be the perfect home for this piece of Buckthorn.... Better here than invading my friends property and crowding out the indigenous trees! Can see some Thoreau quotes silk screened over the top, perhaps some pine needles or leaves...  Now- how to attach it...hmmm. Will tackle that engineering question later....after i get more buckets out!

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