Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Commission Process Step 4- Jumping in! Shirley and Roger

So my panel is finally done and I get to start!  I gesso up the sides of  (2) 30x30 panels, say a prayer to the art gods, and dive in!  (I am working on two of the same size simultaneously).

What’s in my head before I start?  Well based on a rough sketch, I have an idea of where I want to put in the grasses and other botanicals, so I need to consider these areas and what colors would show them up best while working.  Light grasses need a darker background so they don't blend in, so using a shade of their green for that part. Queen Anne’s lace needs a contrasting background, and want to use those. Need to balance all these colors out- with a loose hand…

The process:

Post pour: 


Now comes the sitting and contemplating and “simultaneously considering” all the things that have to happen here.  So some lightening up and editing is needed.  I leave everything to dry overnight, adjusting tilt of panel as needed, then take another look the next day.  Using an absorbent gesso, I erase/lighten/remove some areas.

Then- using pan pastels- I introduce the rust/Indian red color subtly to some areas.   

  Next step- grasses….


  1. So interesting. ☺I am really enjoying watching the process and looking forward to seeing it progress.

    1. ...and I love the fact that you can watch "from across the pond"!