Thursday, December 17, 2015

Artful Wrapping

I spend way too much time wrapping presents- but can't pass up the opportunity to create beauty!
For some reason I can't explain, I have a thing against slapping bow on a package and calling it done. So instead  I use an assortment of materials ( all got at clearance sales) to create a different sort of focal point on a package. Here are a couple of favorites wrapped last night!

...and the kittens are having a heyday with all the ribbons...


  1. How beautiful they are and The kittens first Christmas...Can't wait to hear about that...we just crumple a piece of paper and out cat goes crazy...I remember the joy they can bring when their younger.

    1. re: kittens- yes can bring joy- and CHAOS! broke the tree before it was even up, breaking ornaments, and generally going crazy! got the tree bungeed down now so its stable- mostly!