Thursday, January 21, 2016

Playing in the studio with JJ!

So this past Monday on Martin Luther King day, when the kids had the day off, I invited some of my nieces and nephews over to the studio to play and make valentines. I have been meaning to do this for a while and life just kept getting in the way, so even thought JJ was the only one who could make it we went ahead with it! So the lucky boy had the whole studio to himself!

When he got there, he asked me if he could sculpt, and looked bummed that we would only be painting instead. But as soon as he saw me start to play around with all the spray inks, he got into it right away. We worked with just a simple concept of a resist using acetate shapes, plastic grids, leaves, strings, and anything else we could think up (our hands!).  You lay down the resist materials, and spray and squirt. The ink will absorb into the paper wherever its not covered.  We filled up two tables of painted papers  then took a lunch break. When we came back we were going to assemble them into collages/ cards, but JJ wanted to do round two! So he made some more papers before we got to the cutting and gluing.  With a little help, we made his mom and dad cards for Valentine's Day.  Dad's heart came from the foam shape were used as a resist for mom's, so dad's heart came from moms. Perfect. Thanks for coming and playing in studio JJ!

JJ getting the hang of it- and loving the flour de lis shape! 

Mom helping out- and JJ hamming it up for the camera! 

some of our papers...

...and mom and dads Valentine day cards....

Although I missed my other nieces and nephews, it was kind of nice to be able to adapt and improvise based on one person. I really do enjoy teaching, but resent the time it takes out of my studio practice to clear away all my materials, plan and order materials,  advertise/enroll, and then of course teach! followed by clean up and setting up the studio again.  But with one or two people- a major studio reorg is not necessary.  So perhaps I need to reconsider the concept of classes, and maybe do a solo or small groups. What do you think?

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