Thursday, April 17, 2014


So I have had a forced break from the studio after a much needed vacation, then moving my dad cross country- no small task! Came back home to organize, publicize, host, and hang a juried exhibition, and finally, FINALLY, get back to the studio!!! Which is what I wanted/needed, right?   But then I come back to this:

UG. Needed to dig out and find work surfaces before I could do anything!!  And meanwhile- I am behind in getting new website up and running, perennial beds need to be cleared to make the way for new growth, I should be starting seedlings in the garage, and when is the last time the dogs nails have been cut? Monkey mind? abso-frickin- lutely!!  When I’m at the studio, I feel like I’m neglecting the office (marketing business tasks never end, and catching up in the office is an illusion- I am sure of it!) or the house or friends or critters... arg.  I am thankful I don’t have children right about now!  Don’t know how mothers get anything done. But now I’m here, and I can see at least 70 percent of my big worktable, and in theory I should be gleefully pulling out paint or ink or concrete or??  Why do we put off what we want/need?  And so this is where mixed media can be daunting- which process is best to tackle first?  Tackle the burgeoning pile of works already in progress? (Which, if I was sensible- that’s where I’d jump in) but making art isn’t always sensible- rarely is it about expediency.  For me- I think one of he reasons I have developed this "arsenal' of processes is that I need to choose the one that best suits my frame of mind at that time.  Which is-?  Some times are better for careful study and consideration (researching and making screens for the next piece), others for loose abandon (throwing/spraying/squeegy-ing paint), others for a need for tactile messy (concrete!) or an urge to use power tools (cut a hole in that piece and build doors and a box into it!). 

Ah well this makes me sounds absolutely psychotic, which, well, I probably am. Who chooses to do this for a living that isn’t just a bit touched??  But- I do love my choices, and although it makes it harder to narrow down which one will win today- I can honestly say I don’t get bored- EVER! So today I think what’s best is to tackle it all (in theory) by creating a small assemblage that uses the "has beens", "would be-s", and "made especially for" surfaces.  oh yes- and some of the sticks that my studio neighbor thinks I’m building a beavers' dam with in my studio.... I think these are a good "daily study" for me that incorporates a little bit of everything…cause right now i can't commit to any one process- so gonna embrace them all….  stay tuned for end result. 

Ok- end of whine/rant.  Guess I am writing to other artists here- of all types-does everyone jump right back into the studio after time off and get running right off the bat? Do you have a re-entry period/process/procedure?  How do you deal with it?  I’m curious.....


  1. Love expresses who you are as an artist and guides the reader through your processes which is very important to understanding what goes on during the creation process. You are expressing cool is that and kind of therapeutic too! (you will find this out over time) Especially like the fact that you make your own 'choices'! It is the one really important thing we as artists can do for ourselves and at the same time we give others the expression of who and what we are and what we do..and that is done by making a CHOICE. Each and every moment we are making cool!

  2. Hi Cheryl, thanks for allowing me a little time yesterday. I have not had the experience as you to be away from my studio space and then to reenter it after along period of time...You're there though in the space and sorting through and that's got to feel great. Making changes on the technology level is never easy and always fitting that into you day can create some frustration too I know that. But then also empowering to be learning this and having the knowledge is really cool too. As for jumping back in....I can only relate to that by starting a new series of work or a slightly different approach. I seem to need to clear a path an open space to allow it all to come you are doing clearing a surface making room for new to enter. Finding our own person system, routine, traditional ritual that we are use to in our studio space and latch on to it and do it. You know Showing up is so important, it's what I soon as I put the apron's time to get to busy and even it is cleaning up and making room all part of the creative process for me....small steps lead us to where we suppose to be heading.

  3. Hi Cheryl!

    This is a fabulous post and will resonate with a wide audience, not just other artists. It might be a whine but I think it’s a very ‘fine whine’ Just remember, you are right when you say that catching up is an illusion so accept that as part of life– there is always more to do. And don’t beat yourself up about what you ‘should’ be doing. You are your own woman so the only thing you ‘should’ do is what you decide to do. I love having this peek into your creative process and look forward to sharing in your journey. Keep writing! xoxo, Laura

  4. Cheryl,
    This is great. Me favorite part is that you don't get bored. Ever!" I love reading about your process. Cannot wait to hear more!